Best Bariatric Wonton Wrapper Recipes

Wonton wrapper recipes

Blog By: Megan Koscinski, MS, RD

Bariatric Wonton Cup Recipes

Are you struggling to find tasty recipes that still fit into your bariatric diet? Lifestyle modification following metabolic and bariatric surgery can be overwhelming and frustrating at times. But fret not! You can still eat healthy without losing the excitement of a delicious meal. 

Below are our favorite recipes for wonton cups. They’re the perfect serving size to meet bariatric recommendations and a healthy alternative to some of your favorite dishes. 

Each recipe offers single-serving wonton cups that will make portion control easy to further support weight loss. The recipe yields multiple portions that can be refrigerated for up to 7 days and utilized for meal prepping. 

Buffalo Chicken Wing Wonton Cups

buffalo chicken wonton cups

Bring this bariatric-friendly appetizer for your next gathering! These crunchy Buffalo Chicken Wing Wonton Cups will not disappoint.

This delicious recipe utilizes a nonstick mini muffin cup pan for the perfect bite-sized serving. If you don’t have a mini muffin mold, you can use a regular muffin tin. However, make sure to still follow the recommended ingredient sizes even though the wonton cups will look half filled. This will ensure the nutrition information is still accurate for each wonton cup. 

Ingredients: 2 chicken breast, 2 tbsp olive oil, ½ tsp paprika, ½ tsp chipotle chili powder, 24 wonton wrappers, 4 oz ⅓ less fat Neufchatel cheese bar (alternative to cream cheese), ¼ cup plain Greek yogurt, ½ cup hot sauce, 3 oz blue cheese crumbles

Nutrition Information: 68 calories, 3.6g total fat, 4.3g carbohydrates (carbs), 0.5g fiber, 0.5g sugar, 4.3g protein (per wonton cup)

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Taco Wonton Cups

taco wonton cups

This recipe will become your new favorite Mexican dish. Mini wonton cups are the perfect bite-size serving, prepared easily in a nonstick mini muffin cup pan.

Enjoy as an appetizer, a snack, or pack a few to-go for lunch. Any time of day - these yummy taco cups will satisfy your cravings with a fiesta of flavor!

Ingredients: ½ pound ground beef, 1 tbsp taco seasoning, ¼ cup salsa, 12 wonton wrappers, 1 cup shredded Mexican blend cheese, ¼ cup black beans (1 tsp per taco cup)

Nutrition Information: 119 calories, 8g total fat, 5g carbohydrates (carbs), 0.3g fiber, 0.3g sugar, 6.5g protein (per wonton cup)

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Eating after metabolic and bariatric surgery can still taste good and fit into your bariatric diet. Look for recipes that prioritize protein, use healthy alternative ingredients, and follow portion control. 

Portion size will vary after metabolic and bariatric surgery based on food stage and tolerance. Consult with your bariatric healthcare team about appropriate food options based on your individual needs.

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