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Program Overview

Bariatric Fusion is excited to announce the introduction of our Fusion Family Brand Ambassador program. This is an opportunity for you to save even more on top of our everyday low prices, while sharing with your followers why you love our products!

Who: You!

What: You will get an exclusive discount personalized to you.
You will also get a code to give your followers to save on their orders!

Best part? Every order one of your followers makes using your code will earn you a commission at the end of every year!

Commissions are paid out with in the first 60 days of a new calendar year. Commissions exclude taxes and shipping costs.

Why: You have joined the #FusionFamily and discovered how easy it is to take your daily bariatric multivitamins and keep up on your protein with Bariatric Fusion Products. Why not share what you love?
*Minimum of 750 Instagram Followers Required