My VSG journey has been a year of challenges, triumphs, and learning. This tool has been assisted with 4 days at the gym and Bariatric Fusion protein. I utilized Bariatric Fusion at the recommendation of my Bariatric team. The flavor choices and quantity for price is the best value for the yearly research I’ve done. I’m living my best life! Thanks, BF! 




"I bought my first Bariatric Fusion protein powder when visiting the doctor. I started with the unflavored and mixed it in everything imaginable. 

By adding the protein powder to my yogurt, cottage cheese, and my smoothies I discovered I stayed full for much longer. I added the chocolate flavor protein to my daily regimen as well. When I had my surgery March 13 2017 I had already lost 30 pounds. I then added Bariatric Fusion chewable vitamins to my daily routine. I reached my goal weight of 150 pounds 5 months after surgery. 
I have continued to take the vitamins and I still add protein powder to my meals. I now weigh 120 pounds and feel fantastic. I am no longer diabetic, nor do I suffer from all of the other medical problems I had when I was suffering from obesity.
Even though I have tried numerous other bariatric vitamins and protein powders and I now use only Bariatric Fusion." 
"Bariatric Fusion was a game changer in my success in my weight loss before and after my Gastric Sleeve surgery. I love a lot of the flavors for the shakes, especially Strawberry Shortcake! I also enjoyed the protein bars and love having my orange cream vitamins every day! 
I am grateful for Bariatric Fusion and all the varieties of products. It helps anyone going through weight loss surgery to succeed in their goals. 110 lbs down and I feel healthy and confident!" 
—Happy Customer