Calcium Citrate After Bariatric Surgery

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Calcium citrate after bariatric surgery is necessary for a successful recovery and long-term health.

At Bariatric Fusion, we know the journey well, having been founded over 15 years ago by a bariatric practitioner and recommended by doctors worldwide.

In this guide, we delve into why calcium citrate supplementation is essential after bariatric surgery, the benefits it offers, and how much and when it should be taken alongside vitamin D for effectiveness.

We'll also discuss choosing the best calcium supplement and share top tips for bariatric patients to manage their calcium intake effectively.

Let's dive into the details and set you on the path to a healthier life after surgery.

What this article covers:

How Much Calcium Should a Bariatric Patient Take?

Typically, the recommended dosage of calcium for bariatric patients is between 1,200 and 1,500mg per day, divided into doses of 500-600mg to optimize absorption.

Why Supplement With Calcium Citrate After Bariatric Surgery?

Your body undergoes significant changes that can affect how it absorbs nutrients after bariatric surgery. Calcium becomes a critical supplement to ensure your body gets the amounts it needs.

The form of calcium known as calcium citrate is highly recommended because it's easily absorbed by your body, even when stomach acid levels are low, which is a common problem after surgery. Unlike other forms of calcium, calcium citrate does not require a highly acidic environment to dissolve.

Supplementing calcium citrate helps counteract adverse effects by providing the body with the necessary calcium to support bone density and strength.*

Adequate calcium citrate intake post-surgery supports cardiovascular, muscle, and nerve functions. Calcium also plays a vital role in blood clotting, muscle contraction, and nerve signal transmission.*

To support your calcium needs, we offer our Caramel Bariatric Calcium Citrate Soft Chews.

how much calcium should a bariatric patient take

These chews are delicious and formulated for bariatric patients, providing 500mg of calcium citrate alongside vitamin D3 to enhance calcium absorption.

They're an easy and convenient way to meet your daily calcium needs without the hassle of swallowing large pills.

What Are the Benefits of Calcium Citrate for Bariatric Patients?

Calcium citrate significantly aids in maintaining bone density after bariatric surgery.*

It's well-documented that the surgery can lead to decreased absorption of various nutrients, including calcium, which can affect bone health.1 The consequences of not taking vitamins after gastric bypass can perpetuate the problem.

Highly absorbable calcium citrate supplements can help mitigate the risk of chronic bone conditions and fractures, common for post-bariatric surgery patients.*

This form of calcium contributes to the proper functioning of the heart and muscles. Calcium is vital for muscle contraction and relaxation. Adequate levels of calcium support cardiovascular health and prevent muscle cramps.*

Lastly, calcium citrate supports the nervous system. It assists in nerve transmission, sending messages through your body.*

Why Take Calcium Citrate With Vitamin D After Bariatric Surgery?

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the gut, which is particularly important after bariatric surgery. Without it, your body cannot absorb calcium effectively.

By taking the supplements together, patients can ensure a more robust skeletal system as they lose weight and their body adjusts to the surgery.*

Vitamin D supports immune function, mood regulation, and muscle strength, which are important for the recovery and overall quality of life after bariatric surgery.*

Ensuring adequate intake of both calcium citrate and vitamin D can help support these broader aspects of health, making the recovery process smoother and enhancing your well-being in the long term.

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Which Calcium Supplement Is Best for Bariatric Patients?

Based on our observations, the Orange Citrus Calcium Citrate Chewable from Bariatric Fusion is an exemplary choice for several reasons.

Each small, orange citrus-flavored tablet provides 325mg of calcium citrate, making it an ideal form of calcium for post-bariatric surgery patients.

The formulation includes magnesium and vitamin D (as cholecalciferol), creating a synergistic blend that supports bone health and muscle function.*

As we've learned, vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption, while magnesium plays key roles in bone density maintenance and preventing muscle cramps, rounding out the supplement's effectiveness.*

The chewable form of these bariatric calcium chews is typically recommended following surgery while your body is healing, supporting absorption. An easily chewable form is also essential for bariatric patients who find traditional tablets difficult to swallow and digest.

Plus, the palatable flavor enhances adherence by making it a pleasant daily regimen rather than a chore.

With four tablets daily, dividing the dose throughout the day, this supplement provides a balanced mix of essential nutrients to aid in recovery, making it a standout choice for those who have undergone weight loss surgery.*

Alternatively, choose one of our best bariatric multivitamin chewable supplements to meet all your nutrition needs in one go!

Calcium Tips for Bariatric Patients

First, it's essential to take calcium in divided doses throughout the day.

Our research indicates that the body can only absorb a limited amount of calcium at one time, so spreading intake over the day maximizes absorption and effectiveness.2

This strategy helps maintain steady calcium levels in the blood, continuously supporting bone health and other calcium-dependent bodily functions.*

Second, you should monitor calcium intake closely, paying attention to both dietary sources and supplements. Keeping track of total calcium consumption helps avoid both deficiency and excessive intake. Excessive calcium can also lead to health issues like kidney stones.3


A strong foundation in calcium citrate after bariatric surgery significantly influences recovery and overall well-being.

Our exploration highlights the crucial role of calcium citrate supplementation in maintaining bone health, supporting muscle and nerve function, and the synergistic effect of vitamin D for optimal calcium absorption.*

We've also navigated through the selection of the best calcium supplements tailored for bariatric patients, with a focus on our Orange Citrus Calcium Citrate Chewable for its optimal absorption, balanced nutrient composition, and patient-friendly form.

Visit our online store today. Trust Bariatric Fusion to satisfy your nutritional needs.

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