Protein Drinks After Bariatric Surgery

Protein Drinks After Bariatric Surgery - Bariatric Fusion

Protein drinks after bariatric surgery help maintain muscle mass, support healing, and keep you energized. They're an essential component of post-surgical nutrition.

In this article, we'll cover the best protein shakes, including Bariatric Fusion's Chocolate High Protein Meal Replacement, Strawberry Banana Multi Collagen Protein Powder, and more!

This guide will also discuss why protein is important after surgery, the amount in various foods, and the benefits of fortified foods. To finish, we'll compare protein supplements to meal replacements and provide guidance on choosing the right protein supplement.

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Best Protein Shakes After Bariatric Surgery

The right protein shake is vital for recovery and maintaining muscle mass after a weight-loss operation. It should contain high-quality protein and a low-calorie, easy-to-digest formula.

Thanks to their convenience, shakes like these are the best way to get protein after gastric sleeve surgery. Let's explore the top bariatric protein powder!

Chocolate High Protein Meal Replacement

Our tasty Chocolate High Protein Meal Replacement offers 27 grams of whey protein isolate per serving. With essential amino acids, it supports muscle mass, healing, and weight management with a low-calorie, high-protein, and high-fiber formula.

You can rely on this lactose-free powder during the liquid diet stage of recovery. Plus, it is easy on the digestive system!

Look no further than this whey protein isolate for comprehensive nutritional support.

Strawberry Banana Multi Collagen Protein Powder

Covering your needs, the Strawberry Banana Multi Collagen Protein Powder combines five types of collagen to support natural collagen formation.

The multi-collagen formula contains easily digestible hydrolyzed collagen peptides sourced from bovine, chicken, fish, and eggshell membranes.

It is perfect for joint mobility, skin elasticity, bone health, and hair and nail health. Just one daily scoop meets your nutritional needs.

Unjury Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder

The Unjury Chocolate Vegan Protein Powder is a blend of pea protein and cocoa. Its balanced blend supports daily protein intake, delivering a chocolatey flavor while meeting the dietary requirements of those on a vegan or gluten-free diet.

This product is easy for the gut to tolerate and is a gold mine of branched-chain amino acids.

Protect & Restore Advanced Protein+

Protect & Restore Advanced Protein+ is both a high-quality whey protein isolate and concentrate that delivers a high dose of protein with each serving (22-23 grams of per scoop).

With natural ingredients like copaiba oil resin, it supports optimal nutrition post-surgery while delivering a delicious taste. It also includes BCAAs, natural ginger root extract, and other vitamins to support muscle recovery and overall health.

Why Is Protein Important After Bariatric Surgery?

Wondering, why is protein so important after bariatric surgery? Protein helps maintain muscle mass during rapid weight loss and aids wound healing. High-protein foods or supplements prevent deficiencies and maintain energy levels throughout your recovery.

Protein also provides satiety, reducing hunger and helping you stick to your dietary goals.

protein shakes after bariatric surgery

Amount of Protein in Foods

Our findings show that different foods offer varying amounts of protein, and you need to select their sources with care.

Lean meats like chicken and fish contain roughly 20-25 grams of protein per 3-ounce serving. Plant-based options like tofu, lentils, and quinoa provide around 7-10 grams per serving.

Dairy products, eggs, and legumes are also a rich store of protein. For example, one large egg contains about 6 grams, while a cup of Greek yogurt provides 10 grams.

How much protein after gastric sleeve? Requirements range between 60 and 80 grams post-surgery.

Food Fortification

Fortified foods are products which have been altered to contain increased nutrients to meet your specific needs. There are several options available, from cereals to dairy and plant-based milk.

However, we advocate for protein shakes, bars, and powders, as they provide a convenient way for you to maintain your nutrition.

Protein Supplements Vs. Meal Replacements After Bariatric Surgery

Our research indicates that protein supplements, like powders or shakes, boost protein intake. These supplements serve as a quick way to fulfill daily protein goals when a complete meal isn't possible.

On the other hand, meal replacements offer a broader nutritional profile that includes vitamins, minerals, fiber, and healthy fats alongside protein.

They are beneficial for transitioning to solid foods, as they come in controlled portions, providing just the right quantities of nutrients.

Choosing a Protein Supplement

When selecting a protein supplement, it's essential to prioritize high-quality ingredients.

Based on our observations, whey protein isolate is often preferred because of its complete amino acid profile and digestibility, but other options like pea protein and collagen are also effective.

best protein shakes for post bariatric surgery

Look for low-sugar, high-protein options, and avoid products with unnecessary fillers or artificial sweeteners. Checking the protein-to-calorie ratio is critical, as you do not want to overload on calories.


Protein drinks after bariatric surgery help maintain muscle mass and support recovery. It is critical for weight management, helping you feel satisfied and energized.

We explored the best protein shakes, why protein is important, the amount in various foods, and the value of food fortification. We highlighted key differences between protein supplements and meal replacements while providing guidance on choosing the right protein supplement.

Explore our bariatric protein shakes at Bariatric Fusion and start your journey to a healthier, stronger you.

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