The Fall Trifecta

The Fall Trifecta - Bariatric Fusion
Guest Blog by: Dawn Hurlebaus

I like to think of October, November, and December as the fall trifecta. Three months of what could be stressful times if we allow it. We started October with Halloween, moved into November with Thanksgiving, and so we will progress into December with Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s. Let’s not forget six weeks later it’s Valentine’s Day.

I recently asked a question on Facebook that said what does autumn remind you of? I wasn’t surprised that most people said the color of the leaves, the smell in the air, a crackling fire, etc. I was surprised that nobody mentioned family gatherings, holiday socials, parties, charity, giving, anxiety, and stress.

As a business owner, I look forward to the holiday rush. As a weight-loss surgery patient and someone who once was 340 pounds, it can be very difficult making sure we have the right mindset.

I was quite proud of myself that I didn’t overindulge during Halloween. I also didn’t deny myself the satisfaction of having a few pieces of candy here and there. In the past, I would have binged on most of the leftovers from the kids. When the Snickers bars were gone, I would dig into the M&M’s, and when they were gone, I would search for red licorice, filling a trashcan of rappers and then emptying it before anyone saw what I had done. I felt horrible about myself. I knew what to do. I knew this wasn’t right. So why did I keep sabotaging myself? It’s an emotional roller coaster and one that can get the best of us if we’re not careful. This year I was determined to pay attention and not mindlessly eat. I’m proud to say I made it through Halloween and hope you did too.

Now I am in Thanksgiving and December holiday mode. This has always been my favorite time of the year. I love that my family gets together. I love to see the cousins play and hear them laugh. I love the smell coming from the kitchen. I love family traditions. Each year on Thanksgiving after we are finished eating, all the men clean up while the women head out shopping.

What is different this year?

I am different. Old traditions just don’t work for me anymore. I can’t eat a big Thanksgiving meal. Sitting around consuming alcohol is dangerous. Spending money shopping is not an option.

I know many of you can relate to this. We have changed. Our weight loss surgery was a tool, a tool that wasn’t meant to be thrown in a box and only brought back out when we need it or when it is convenient. We were given a new plot of land to build our house on, in other words, to build a new healthier life. In order to build that life, we need to draft a plan.

It’s no different as we enter this fall trifecta. What is our purpose and what is our plan over the next six weeks? Let’s not let the commercialization of the season blindside us into falling into old our old ways and unhealthy habits.

This season I am taking a proactive approach starting with me. I am making sure that I have the right mindset each and every day. These begin with daily affirmations… positive statements to say each day so you may put your best foot forward.

Here are just a few of my Autumn Affirmations & Reflections.

Autumn brings me feelings of peace.

As the leaves on the trees turn into brilliantly-colored medallions, I feel uplifted. The beauty of fall, as it leads to winter, reminds me of how the change of season brings the opportunity for renewal and peace.

Just like the trees and bushes, I receive another chance at life each fall. The new season is accompanied by time to work more effectively, take better care of my health, and find my center.

Autumn brings special beauty to the outdoors. Focusing on living a positive life helps me draw on feelings of peace. I avoid getting lost in the hustle and bustle of life.

The blessings I receive all year-round are most evident to me in the fall. The colorful show of the fall leaves helps me to feel positive and blessed. As I explore nature’s bounty, I feel serene. Autumn’s beauty is astounding.

On a cool fall day, I sit by myself and reflect on the coming season. My work fulfills me. My relationships are positive. I love others and am loved in return. My desires are within my reach. My home makes me feel safe, comfortable, and warm.

The serenity of the autumn air surrounds me.

Today, I feel the calmness of the autumn. Sitting on the porch watching the leaves fall off the trees is an awesome way to clear my mind. I reconnect with feelings of peace and joy each fall. Autumn brings a feeling of quiet contentment.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I feel as autumn approaches?
  2. What three things do I love about fall?
  3. How can I enhance a sense of peace as the fall season progresses?

Peace and Blessings,

Dawn Hurlebaus, CEO

SolacePath LLC / Slimpressions

As an advocate for women on their weight loss journey, Dawn had bariatric surgery June of 2016, bought Slimpressions 5 months later, and is connected on a very personal level between the weight loss community and her business. Having lost over 130lbs and surviving many life challenges, she is often found following her passion by motivating and mentoring women and young girls across the globe, helping them to feel confident.

Dawn is a National Award Winning Executive & Entrepreneur with over 30 years in IT Education, Marketing, Sales and Operations. When not working, she is often found traveling, at church, spending time with her family and children, coaching girls basketball, camping and loving on her dog Lily, a fun-loving Corgi.

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