Importance Of A Bariatric Specific Multivitamin For Life

Importance Of A Bariatric Specific Multivitamin For Life - Bariatric Fusion

Bariatric surgery can lead to positive weight loss outcomes, but will also result in restriction and/or malabsorption that can put you at high risk for vitamin and mineral deficiencies for the rest of your life. It is important to adhere to a lifelong vitamin and mineral regimen.

Top 2 reasons why a weight loss surgery patient should take a bariatric specific multivitamin

1. This is a multivitamin that contains vitamin and mineral levels above the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) values to prevent the common deficiencies after weight loss surgery. With the proper diet and bariatric specific supplements that follow ASMBS guidelines, you can avoid issues in this area.

2. If taking a regular multivitamin, you would have to take additional supplements due to the fact that these products do not contain the high levels of vitamins and minerals required and also offer different forms of vitamins that may not meet bariatric absorption needs. This would end up being more expensive and would put you at a higher risk of deficiency.

Lifelong follow up with lab work will help to catch deficiencies before they cause serious problems. Before you buy a multivitamin, make sure you consult with your healthcare provider to ensure you are receiving the supplements that you need.

What is the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS)?

  • A medical organization that provides guidelines for vitamin and mineral requirements after weight loss surgery.
  • These guidelines were produced by experienced healthcare professionals to ensure that bariatric patients receive all of the vitamins and minerals they need at much higher levels than the average multivitamin supplement.
  • Bariatric Fusion vitamin and mineral supplements were formulated based on the ASMBS guidelines and include the most bioavailable forms of each vitamin to optimize absorption.

Bariatric specific multivitamin options available at Bariatric Fusion

Bariatric Fusion offers a variety of multivitamin options necessary for life after weight loss surgery. Our bariatric supplements were designed and formulated by a team of bariatric practitioners dedicated to helping patients along their weight loss journey. Bariatric Fusion offers:

  • complete chewable multivitamins (all-inclusive, easy regimen)
  • multivitamin capsules (offered as a 1 per day with iron and 2 per day without iron)
  • complete chewable multi ADEK (vitamin ADEK tablets) and multi ADEK capsules (suitable for DS patients)
  • soft chew multivitamins (great taste, offers a different texture option)
  • stick pack multivitamins (mix in water)

Bariatric Fusion also carries a line of corrective supplements for additional needs including sublingual B12, B-50 complex, vitamin D3 5000IU and biotin 5000mcg, thiamin (B1), iron soft chews, calcium citrate chews, probiotic soft chews, probiotic capsules, and hair skin and nails vitamin supplement. With a wide variety of multivitamin options to choose from that adhere to the ASMBS guidelines, you should feel confident knowing that you will obtain the vitamins and minerals you need from our products.

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**This blog is for information and education purposes only. This information is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions in regards to a medical condition. A qualified healthcare professional can best assist you in deciding whether a dietary supplement is suitable based on your individual needs.

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