Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget

Tips For Eating Healthy on a Budget - Bariatric Fusion

Bariatric surgery requires an adjustment to lifestyle change, including healthy eating. It’s important to know how to budget and navigate the grocery store after weight loss surgery. Below are some tips to save money while food shopping.

Shopping Healthy on a Budget

Have a plan and budget

  • Think about what you already have
  • Think about your schedule and prepare for your days at work and at home
  • Plan for leftovers
  • Keep yourself informed on nutrition assistance programs

Make a list

  • Only purchase what you need
  • Utilize online resources for meal planning templates, like MyPlate
  • Focus on protein, fresh produce, and whole grains

Choose your store

  • Keep an eye on weekly coupon ads in the paper or online
  • Fresh produce, lean meats, dairy or milk alternatives, and eggs are found around the outside of the store
  • The middle of the store will contain more processed foods: stick with healthy oils, unsalted nuts, frozen vegetables, canned vegetables, canned tuna, canned beans, grains and oats

Don’t shop when hungry

  • Resist temptation at checkout
  • Avoid impulse buying

Buy in bulk

  • Buying in bulk will save you money in the long run
  • Meats can be frozen and used before the sell-by date

Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season

  • Less expensive and best flavor
  • Only buy what you will use, produce spoils faster
  • Look for canned vegetables that are low-sodium or no salt added

Shop generic

  • Store brand products cost less, but you might have to look harder for them

Convenience costs more

  • Anything already prepared will cost more
  • Shred or grate your own cheese
  • Buy a head of lettuce instead of bagged salad mixes


    Buying on a budget doesn't mean you have to sacrifice tasty food. It also doesn't mean you can't afford to eat healthy.

    Fresh produce can be purchased with limited money, however, it will perish faster. Only buy what you need in a short period of time so you are not wasting food and money.

    Become an informed shopper. Making lists and preparing ahead of time will ensure that you are only buying products that you need.


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