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Luckily for bariatric patients, there are many resources available both before and after surgery.

Support can come in a variety of different resources such as bariatric seminars, bariatric support groups or bariatric surgery apps. It is imperative that you educate yourself before making a decision like bariatric surgery.

Because the choice can be overwhelming, do research on multiple bariatric providers until you find one that is suitable for your needs. Ultimately, the practice you choose will be with you throughout your entire weight loss journey.

Utilizing the resources and support provided to you will contribute to a positive and life-changing weight loss journey.

Today, we discuss the bariatric resources that are available.

What This Article Covers:

Bariatric Seminar

Weight-loss seminars are led by bariatric surgeons and usually come at no cost to you. Bariatric seminars can be held in conference halls or medical centers and hosted by health care providers or bariatric organizations. Some are even available virtually through online platforms.

Seminars will usually cover weight loss questions and information regarding pre and post-bariatric surgery. They are a great form of communication between medical providers and patients.

There may be appearances from guest speakers to talk about their bariatric surgery experience. Everything from life changing events to nutrition and food phases. It is possible for a Registered Dietitian to be present to discuss food phases, such as the liquid phase with consumption of high protein meal replacement shakes.

Walk-in seminars might also have exhibitors displaying bariatric products. Often bariatric supplement samples are available for you to try. Usually, these exhibitors will provide information on how much bariatric products cost and where you can purchase them. Remember, bariatric specific supplements are required for life after weight loss surgery.

Bariatric Support Groups

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is a great, reliable resource for many bariatric patients. They are a non-profit organization providing support and a platform for you to share your story.

Not only do they offer information, but they can help you find a provider and support groups in your area. The OAC encourages you to take action and advocate against obesity. It provides a voice for those who are mindful of the distress caused by this complex disease.

Bariatric Fusion also offers monthly support groups. The support groups are offered through the Bariatric Fusion Facebook page where members can tune

in to hear from healthcare professionals. Each month, these groups will provide information on a specific topic. There are also some months where you can tune in and Bariatric Fusion will host open support groups where questions can be asked and answered live.

These support groups are provide information for new bariatric patients and also offer guidance for those who have experienced weight regain after weight loss surgery.

Statistics have shown that 2 years or more after gastric bypass surgery, many individuals will regain about 5% of weight back. Unfortunately, this is quite common. Most of the weight regained is due to inadequate diet and exercise. That being said, it is extremely important to attend your follow-up visits.

Those who experience weight regain are advised to revisit the beginning stages post-bariatric surgery and are reminded that bariatric surgery is only a tool for weight loss. You are required to maintain lifestyle change through continued support, diet and exercise. For some, it's easier said than done in which case a revision surgery may be suggested.

Bariatric Surgery Apps

Individuals are encouraged to utilize all outlets of support. This includes bariatric

surgery apps. These apps provide bariatric information and guidance at your fingertips.

They can be of assistance when keeping track of vitamins, water, food intake, and exercise. Some can directly connect you with your doctor or medical advisor.

Hydration, proper supplement intake, diet and exercise can be a lot to manage. Staying on track after surgery by the means of an app can make things so much easier.

Financial Resources for Bariatric Surgery

Apart from the procedure itself, affordability could be a defining point for you.

Let's have a closer look at bariatric surgery finance options.

Healthcare Insurance

It is not guaranteed that your procedure will be covered, even with authorization through your doctor. Most insurance providers do cover bariatric surgery, but you should contact them to make sure.

If your plan covers the procedure, hospitals and bariatric service providers will assist you in gaining authorization.


Most service providers will accept cash upfront. This option is usually offered at

a lower rate as it is a preferred method of payment, but be vigilant in regards to what you are paying. The surgery will likely be a separate cost from appointments with specialists.

When speaking to your preferred bariatric practitioner, discuss the approximate quantity of appointments as you will have to be in attendance pre and post-surgery.


Financing is convenient as it is a less stressful payment option. This option is a loan you can take out with an industry service provider who offers financing specifically for bariatric surgery.

Financing allows you the opportunity to pay off the loan through affordable monthly installments. No collateral is required and it is completely confidential.

Are There Grants for Bariatric Surgery?

There are different programs available that offer grants explicitly for weight loss surgery. Make sure to do your research.

There is certain criteria that needs to be met in order to qualify for grant consent.

- Approved by a medical practitioner for bariatric surgery

- Denied by insurance

- Need to contribute to raising funds

How can I get Bariatric Surgery with Bad Credit?

Bariatric Loans, United Medical Credit, Loan Now are just some of the financial service providers that offer loans to patients with bad credit history.

All service providers have strategies in place to help you obtain authorization. But unfortunately, confirmed financing for weight loss surgery cannot be promised.


It is important to remember that there are resources out there to support you on this life-changing journey. Losing weight is emotional, risky and a lifelong commitment.

You have information, education, nutrition, technology, support groups, advocates, campaigns and bariatric surgery financial solutions at your disposal.

Bariatric care services are available in abundance and are there when you are ready. Obesity is a national epidemic. Take advantage of the resources available to you for treatment to improve quality of life.

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