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There are a variety of bariatric resources for information and support, such as gastric bypass forums, weight loss support groups, and bariatric seminars.

There are a number of bariatric procedure options available and there will be a wide variety of questions that you will need to discuss with your healthcare team. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources available for bariatric patients to receive their information.

This article will take a closer look at where to find a bariatric seminar and what it might entail.

What This Article Covers:

What is a Bariatric Seminar?

A bariatric seminar would include a gathering of people looking for more information on the topic of obesity and bariatric surgery. Most seminars are held free of charge and are associated with a specific hospital.

Typically, it would be led by a healthcare professional or bariatric surgeon. The point is to inform, discuss and examine weight loss options with the attendees. Usually, this step is taken before you undergo bariatric surgery to understand your options and discuss what long-term benefits look like.

A bariatric seminar is a group setting, whereas someone may prefer an individual consultation. There may be online and in-person options available.

Where Can I Find a Bariatric Seminar?

Buffalo General Medical Center (Kaleida Health Network)

Buffalo General Medical Center (BGMC) has a bariatric program in Buffalo, NY. They offer free bariatric seminars.

Their seminars consist of discussion regarding the different bariatric procedure options, what makes you a candidate, what results to expect, benefits and risks, lifestyle changes to be made, and how obesity-related issues are treated. Also, there may be questions on whether aggressive surgery, or a less invasive approach would be suitable.

They will take a closer look at the contributing factors of obesity like unhealthy eating, yo yo dieting, and lack of physical activity. There is also a question and answer session available during the seminar.

Surgical weight loss can dramatically alleviate joint pain and improve cardiovascular health. These are just two of the many benefits that may result from bariatric surgery. BGMC will provide guidance on how to live a happier, healthier life.

Currently, bariatric seminars are being hosted on an online platform. You might find it beneficial to start a bariatric journal so that everything can be documented.

Synergy Bariatrics (ECMC)

Synergy Bariatrics is associated with Erie County Medical Center Hospital in Buffalo, NY. They offer a wide variety of online learning outlets for bariatric patients.

This center offers gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery options. You can skim through their website to find upcoming patient webinars, support groups with a number of different topics, and patient seminars. This could be helpful on your journey as everyone has a different experience with weight loss. For example, some patients experience heartburn after gastric bypass and some do not.

This bariatric seminar option is a pre-recorded online platform that you can RSVP to. Hundreds of individuals sign up to learn with fellow peers. This discussion will include how bariatric surgery can improve quality of life, as well as obesity-related conditions.

Trinity Medical Bariatric & General Surgery (Catholic Health Network)

Trinity Bariatric Surgery is located in Buffalo, NY and provides surgical weight loss options.

This center goes beyond surgery itself. They focus on the weight loss journey. At a bariatric seminar, you will learn how the journey begins. Trinity bariatrics requires a seminar before you can schedule an office consultation.

Seminars are free and hosted monthly. There are in-person and online options available to choose from. You should look forward to having a discussion about who qualifies for weight loss surgery, procedure options, health risks of obesity, and the long-term support a bariatric healthcare team can provide you.

Trinity believes that bariatric surgery is a life journey and should offer support before, during, and after the procedure. For example, nutritional supplements are vital to bariatric success for life. You may have questions like, “what are the best vitamins for after surgery” and “are protein supplements after bariatric surgery necessary." These would be great questions to ask at a bariatric seminar.

If you are looking to schedule a seminar, they are conveniently offered at a number of locations throughout the region and online.

Other Bariatric Resources

Some other bariatric resources that can be utilized before, during and after surgery may include bariatric support groups, weight loss surgery forums, and bariatric surgery apps.

The decision of weight loss surgery should not be taken lightly. This is a life changing experience that will require effort in many different ways, including financial sources.

While insurance companies will typically cover bariatric procedures that are required to maintain overall health, some do not cover surgery. You may want to look over the bariatric resources for bariatric surgery grants, financing options, or loans.


The bariatric road is a long one. Even with minimally invasive options, there are no short-cuts.

Educate yourself on your options and attend the bariatric seminars so that you are a step ahead. These seminars are informative, which is exactly what you want upfront.

Start your journey to a healthier you.

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