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Portion control can make or break your weight loss success after bariatric surgery. Bariatric portion plates are a tool that can help you better understand moderation and portion size. Understanding portion size will assist you in maintaining a healthy weight after bariatric surgery.

Some individuals choose to switch over to smaller side dish plates when learning about portion size. That might work well for others, but a long-term solution is required after bariatric surgery.

There are all different kinds of portion control plates and sets available for bariatric patients. Some even look like regular dinnerware and can be used for the rest of the family and for dinnerware when you have guests.

Many bariatric portion control plates are designed by bariatric nutrition experts. They are created to assist you in balancing your plate with a wide variety of food sources with moderation in mind.

In this article, we provide our top 3 choices of best bariatric dinnerware options. We also offer a handy buyers’ guide that will help you decide which option is the best for you.


Bariatric Plate Method

Bariatric Plate - bariatric portion plate
Do you find it challenging to navigate your dietary needs after bariatric surgery? The Bariatric Plate Method is here to help! 

While the Bariatric Plate Method is a general guideline, it provides a solid starting point for post-surgery nutrition.

Eat more protein
Focus on healthy carbs
Drink enough water (But not during meals!)

Remember, individual needs may vary based on food tolerance and preferences. For personalized guidance, consult your healthcare practitioner.

Discover more about the Bariatric Plate Method and take charge of your health!

The Best Bariatric Portion Plates and Dinnerware

Portion Perfection - Best Bariatric Dinnerware Created by a Nutrition Expert

Dinnerware designed by a Dietitian to assist bariatric patients in balancing their options and eating healthy. The plates and bowls that are available include keywords that provide a visual tool to remind you to maintain good habits.

There are English and Spanish options available for the bariatric plate. You can also find it in melamine and porcelain options to suit your preference. The melamine plate is less likely to break, while the porcelain one can be used in the microwave.

Portion Perfection has bowls for bariatric patients sold in sets with the plates. The sets come with recipes for bariatric patients. There are also snacking containers that are suitable for bariatric portions on the go.


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Colorful
  • Designed by an expert
  • Wide variety of container, plate, and bowl options


  • Melamine option is not microwave safe

HabEats Portion Control Plates - Best Motivating Plate

HabEats portion control plates are something to look into when you start a 1000 calorie bariatric diet plan. These 10-inch porcelain plates come in a set of 4.

Each of the 4 HabEats plates that come in a set are a little different. They have reminders to eat slowly, focus, plan, or implement meal timing.

There are different questions to ask yourself while you dish up and eat and reminders about healthy habits to work on. These informational plates can help you get your bariatric eating back on track.


  • Porcelain
  • Free of plastic, BPA, melamine, and phthalates
  • Helpful reminders on the plate
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe


  • Some individuals may prefer a smaller plate

    Livliga Aveq Bariatric Portion Control - Best Dinnerware Set

    Livliga provides a line of bariatric friendly plate and bowl sets, as well as bariatric silverware. The white and pastel design is beautiful yet understated.

    The details around the bowl and plate guide you when you dish up your food. The plate has colorful circles and patterns that indicate different portion sizes. The bowl has fill lines making it ideal for a bariatric soft diet, like a bariatric soup.

    Some bariatric practitioners recommend using smaller silverware to assist you in slower eating. Instead of resorting to children's silverware, Livliga provides an elegant 3-piece stainless steel silverware set.

    There is a guide for these bariatric dishes to remind you how to use them. The subtle details on the dinnerware can be helpful for bariatric eating and aesthetically pleasing for your dinner guests.


    • Microwave and dishwasher safe
    • Beautiful and functional design
    • Well-priced set
    • Stackable


    • You may need to spend time learning how to use the measurement guides

      Bariatric Plate Buyers' Guide

      Can a Portion Control Plate Really Make a Difference?

      Research showed that individuals who used a portion control plate for weight loss saw better results when provided the controlled portions on a plate. That being said, portion control plates can be used by anyone for a better

      Bariatric Plate Buyers Guide

      understanding of moderation and portion control for weight loss.

      The same study found that a portion plate is just as helpful for individuals with diabetes in order to control blood sugar levels.

      Low blood sugar can also be a common complication after gastric bypass surgery. So, portion control plates can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels and meal size.

      Keeping your meal portions under control can help prevent the stomach from overly stretching after gastric sleeve.

      What Size Portion Control Plate Should I Buy?

      Although portion size will vary based on the individual, meals and snacks are typically limited to 3-6 ounces per meal. This will vary as liquids and foods will be tolerated differently.

      If portion size is one of the main problems you face, choose a plate 7 inches across or smaller. If it’s less of a concern, you can opt for one with a wider rim and a small- to medium-sized well to be safe.

      As you start to master portion sizing, you may still want to be reminded of how much to serve each time you eat. In this case, you can choose a 10- or 11-inch dinner plate with portion control guides on the plate.



      How Much Should I Spend on a Portion Control Plate?

      Bariatric dinnerware options are available for those who need the additional push and motivation to stay on track. There are other ways to control food portions without purchasing a dinnerware set.

      You can use a side plate or saucer you already have or a small bowl. You can weight and use measuring cups to portion out food options as well.

      How much should I spend on a bariatric portion plate

      Portion control plates and other dinnerware are convenient to have on hand. If you want to buy one but your budget is tight, look out for sales on single plate options, which can cost as little as $10. You don’t need to spend more than $25 on a single plate.

      It can be nice to get a set of bariatric plates or a matching plate and bowl together. You can spend about $25 to $40 on these.

      If you want to buy a full bariatric dining set, you can expect to pay about $150. This is about two to three times what you would pay for the average 16-piece set. It can be worth it, especially for a couple or family. Sit down and go over the pros and cons to better assist your decision.

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