High Protein Bariatric Snack Ideas

High Protein Bariatric Snack Ideas - Bariatric Fusion

Are you sick of your go-to bariatric snacks, like hard-boiled eggs, cheese sticks, and almonds?

If you need more variety, we’ve got you covered with lots of post-op healthy snack ideas and nutrition tips too!

Let’s dive into these dietitian-approved, bariatric-friendly snacks you're sure to love.

How to Choose a Bariatric Snack

Snacks get a bad rep because they’re often associated with mindlessly grazing on unhealthy, processed foods like chips and pretzels. However, between-meal snacking can be essential to decrease hunger and avoid overeating during your next meal, especially after metabolic and bariatric surgery. Snacks are also a great way to fuel up or recover after exercise.

What makes a snack suitable for a bariatric diet? It should follow similar guidelines as a bariatric meal post-op. Specifically, they should be:

  • High in protein
  • Low in sugar
  • Easy to meal prep

If you’re unsure if your post-bariatric surgery snack is healthy, check the nutrition facts label for serving size, calories, fat, sugar, and protein. Of course, you can also consult a dietitian if needed.

Bariatric Snack Ideas

The most important bariatric food rule to remember: keep your protein up! If you have a carbohydrate-heavy snack, be sure to pair that with protein, too. This combo will keep you satiated longer. Fiber-filled fruits, veggies, whole-grain options, and low-fat dairy are also great choices.

When push comes to shove, remember some of the basic post-op snack options:

  • Baby carrots with hummus
  • Greek yogurt with blueberries
  • Cottage cheese
  • Hard-boiled eggs
  • Apple slices with peanut butter
  • High protein meal replacement shake

These protein-packed snacks will satisfy your cravings, keep you energized, and count toward your daily protein intake.*

Tips for Healthy Snacking

Healthy snacks are a vital part of your bariatric meal plan, so don’t worry about reaching for a little something in between meals.

If you’re worried you are overeating, you might be confusing hunger and thirst. Hunger and thirst cues are often mistaken for one another. If you have just eaten but still feel hungry, drink a glass of water and wait 20 minutes. If you still feel hungry, have another healthy snack.

Meal prep and planning are the perfect way to keep from grazing on unhealthy options. If you’re on the go, portion snacks into small containers so they are easy to pack and go.

The key to balance and moderation is having a plan to avoid overindulging. Store pastries, chips, and cookies out of reach or don’t have them available in the house. Out of sight, out of mind. Keep healthier options at eye level.

A high-protein snack is often needed between meals to tide you over, especially after exercise. Try a protein powder supplement or high-protein snack after a workout to support lean muscle and satiety.*

Bariatric Recipes

Ready to spice up your bariatric-friendly snack options? Below we list some of our favorite dietitian-approved recipes.

Buffalo Chicken Wing Wonton Cups

Buffalo chicken wing wonton cups

Create these chicken wing wontons as an appetizer, snack, or tailgate essential! They fit easily into your bariatric diet, and everyone will love them.

This recipe incorporates chicken, spices, wonton wrappers, Greek yogurt, hot sauce, and blue cheese crumbles in a yummy bite-sized snack.


Red Pepper Protein Hummus

Red pepper protein hummus

Hummus is a popular go-to snack. Instead of buying hummus from the store, make it at home using healthier ingredients and different flavors.

This red pepper protein hummus packs protein from Bariatric Fusion Unflavored High Protein Meal Replacement Powder and whey protein powder. Mix with chickpeas, tahini, and spices for a flavorful, protein-packed dip.


Dark Chocolate-Covered Banana Bites

dark chocolate banana bites

Before you grab candy, chocolate, or a pastry to satisfy your sweet tooth, check out this dark chocolate-covered banana recipe!

You won’t believe this recipe is easy to make with only four ingredients: bananas, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and coconut oil. Next time you want a sweet treat as a snack, pick up one of these chocolate banana bites.


Protein Bites

Bariatric protein balls

There are many no-bake protein ball recipes, but this one is unique! We use garbanzo beans and vanilla protein powder as our main ingredients.

This is a great recipe to add to your Sunday meal prep regimen. Simply mix up all the ingredients in a food processor, shape them into balls, freeze for an hour, then grab one when you need an on-the-go snack!


Morning Motivation Protein Shake

morning motivation protein shake

When you think about snacks, you might not think about protein shakes. Don’t overlook them! They make for a satisfying drink between meals that also support your daily protein goals.*

This delicious protein-packed morning motivation shake recipe is here to prove it. It delivers the perfect blend of chocolate, peanut butter, and coffee. With just two scoops of Bariatric Fusion protein powder added to this recipe, you get 27 grams of protein per serving. Nutritious, delicious, and protein-packed!



Don’t be afraid to add more variety to your diet! There are an abundance of bariatric-friendly recipes available that can make eating healthy and fun.

Snacking doesn’t just have to be about grazing and unhealthy options. Prep ahead to have healthy snacks throughout the day to support your daily nutritional needs.*


This blog is for information and education purposes only. This information is not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please consult with your bariatric surgeon or another qualified healthcare provider with any questions in regards to a medical condition. A qualified healthcare professional can best assist you in deciding whether a dietary supplement is suitable based on your individual needs.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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